Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital

289 Dalton Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201


      Amanda has grown up with animals all her life. When she was growing up her family had pet deer, goats, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats. Amanda has a long haired Akita named Kody and three cats- Vergie a blonde tiger and Gigolo a grey tiger, Ramsay a grey tiger.  In their spare time Amanda and Kody like to cuddle on the couch with Vergie (not Gigolo because he hates Kody- with a passion), go on mini- road trips, and go visit their family over the border in New York. From 2004- 2006 Amanda attended Berkshire Community College for the Physical Fitness program and became a certified personal trainer.....shortly after she realized that wasn't the right fit and she stumbled into grooming and has been doing it ever since.  
Amanda started out in the grooming world at Petco in Springfield, MA as a bather brusher (grooming pets that did need a haircut). After eight months Amanda began training in the Petco Pet Stylist Program, two months later she was a fully trained groomer and a few months after that she was promoted to Salon Manager and even trained another employee to become a groomer. Amanda stayed with Petco for three years and in late 2009 moved back closer to the Berkshires; she also works at an animal hospital in Southwick, MA as a Client Service Specialist and does in home pet grooming for clients at that hospital in her spare time.